Spring water

Spring water

The sources of drinking water that lie on the territory of Žitný island are one of the best in the territory of the Slovak Republic and practically inexhaustible in terms of volume.

Water from Žitný island

One of our clear priorities in the future44 project was the efficient use of drinking water resources located on the territory of Žitný ostrov. Therefore, after the ant work that preceded the construction of a production plant and drinking water, at the beginning of 2019 we successfully began to turn our vision into reality.


Future44 is a company open to new challenges. Our projects are closely linked to nature. We are currently building a new production facility where we are developing our project in terms of packaging and distribution of spring water. We offer cooperation opportunities in the packaging and distribution of spring water, water treatment according to customer requirements, or oxygenation, ionization and additives. Packaging is possible in 0.25l to 5l PET bottles and glass bottles, so completely according to customer requirements.