Future44 is a self-sufficient and harmless complex for the country. We want to hand over natural resources, not just use them.

Spring water

One of the best sources of drinking water in Slovakia - Žitný island

Organic crops

The area we manage is used exclusively for organic crop production

Bee farm

We consider it our duty to save the bees, an integral part of the eco-system

Insect farm

We decided to build one of the largest domestic cricket farms in Europe

We present to you Future44 a.s.

The first vision of our company arose somewhere in 2011, when we began to think about how to properly use the resources that our planet provides us without hurting it in any way. The priority for us was to achieve self-sufficiency of the company and the entire production, processing and manufacturing. Own energy source for production overhead in the form of photovoltaic panels, which convert solar energy into a source of electricity. This energy will be used to run the entire production area. The advantage is also the own source of service water, which will be extracted from the already built well.

One of the ideas was to make efficient use of the sources of drinking water that lie on the territory of Žitný ostrov. On the one hand, these resources are one of the best in the territory of the Slovak Republic and they are practically inexhaustible in terms of volume. Therefore, after the ant work that preceded the construction of a production plant and drinking water, at the beginning of 2019 we successfully began to turn our vision into reality.

The unmistakable reality on our planet is the problem that arises in the breeding of cattle – the most widespread source of protein in the world. The CO2 generated by cattle farming is 7.7 times higher per kilogram of protein produced compared to one kilogram of protein we obtain from the Cricket. Therefore, we decided to build one of the largest farms for breeding Cricket in Europe. In the future, we plan to gradually expand this breeding to other species and thus potential sources of protein without environmental devastation.

Mother Earth also gave us a beehive, which is currently endangered in the Slovak Republic. Therefore, we consider it our duty to save the bees, which are an integral part of the eco-system. As well as an important source of minerals, vitamins and sugars for our body. The bee colonies are increasingly threatened by the chemicals that most farmers use to increase their production.

The area we manage is used exclusively for the organic cultivation of crops, which we process into compound feeds, which we use in insect breeding. In this way, we prevent any penetration of pesticides into the mixtures and crops that we grow. To increase honey production is the prospect of future cultivation of herbs on an ecological basis.

Our goal is to build a complex that will be self-sufficient and safe for the country. It will pass on not just the use of natural resources.


Šoltésovej 14,

Bratislava 81108, Slovakia 


Tel: +421 905 637 926

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